Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biceps Galore

When I posted the photo of myself holding 5-lb weights, I started getting email from folks who know my secret identity.  It seems we have something else in common.  Biceps. All through high school, I wanted biceps. But gymnastics and swimming just don't build them.  I was in my 40's before I discovered free weights. Today when I went to yoga class, one of the women asked about my biceps. How do you get them?  And suddenly we had a room full of women in their 60's bragging about their biceps and their favorite exercise tapes. My emails let me know that most women are using 3 to 5 lb free weights, and they are proud of their biceps.
Unfortunately, they are largely for show.  Yes, I can lift 5 lb weights easily.  But I was out bicycling in sub-zero weather  and my brakes froze against my back wheelrim.  The tire would not rotate at all.  If I'd been thinking clearly, I'd have locked my bike to the nearest traffic sign, caught a bus and continued my journe.  But NO! I carried that bike 5 blocks to the nearest gas station where they let me bring it inside for a few minutes until it warmed up. Then I rode it home, put it in my living room, and went out and caught a bus.  I'm paying for it.  Those biceps aren't really strong enough to carry a 30 lb bicycle for 5 blocks.  But they are nice to look at. And they are good for some of the more strenuous yoga asanas. And they are good for bonding with other women -- they're even more popular than pictures of grandchildren.  

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