Saturday, February 21, 2009

Communicating for Peace

I have a correspondent who loves to forward stories about scary world events. When she can't find a suitably scary piece of news, she sends me rumors. I sat down to send her a curt email asking her to stop forwarding stories to me.  Instead, an amazingly thoughtful message came out of my fingers onto the screen. I wouldn't call it channeling. I thought about every word as I typed it. Still, the therapeutic value of this message surprised me.  The act of putting fingers to keyboard seems to enable me to contact a valuable part of my brain that is otherwise hiding.  

Here's what I wrote to my friend:

In my view, world peace begins in every remark we make to other people. Is that  remark designed to uplift that person, to soothe that person, to help that person feel  strong enough to carry on? That is the goal of communication. This is both the little view and the large view. We are not powerful figures on the world scene. We cannot talk to warring parties. We can  only talk to each other. Our words can foster peace where ever we go. If everybody did  this, we would have world peace. We can lead by example, even though we are not leaders. This is not naive. This is all we have and all we are.

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