Monday, February 16, 2009

Joy of Bolsters

“Support Equals Release.”  Rama says that over and over on her Svaroopa Yoga videos. “Support Equals Release.”  All of Rama’s asanas use rolled up blankets to support joints and body parts in comfortable positions to make the yoga possible for any body. Rama says, “Even if you’ve never tried blankets before, try them now.”

I had seen other people using blankets in yoga classes, but I had no idea why. And besides, I’m strong, I should be able to do yoga without props.  Just like all the yogi’s on the web. You never see them with blankets propping up their knees or hips.  It’s kind of like a modeling show. You never see normal-looking people modeling clothes you might want to buy. The photographers only pose the people who are strong enough and flexible enough to do those yoga poses without support.  Blankets are for real humans.

But that was not enough.  It’s great to be able to get into yoga poses by using blankets.  But what about the rest of my life.  My hips hurt. Particularly if I angle my knees outwards as I do for sex.

During morning meditation, I suddenly had a great idea!  “Support Equals Release.”  I could support my knees with blankets. Not just any blankets – not the soft blankets that I use on my bed.  I need tough tightly woven Mexican blankets that really give support. I roll and shape the blankets make a triangle to put under my thighs and knees.  

If I lie like this for about 40 minutes, I can have sex without support, and I have more freedom of movement in my hip joints for the rest of the day.  But there’s no reason not to use support during sex. Blankets are washable.

I can meditate for the 40 minutes while I lie on my back with my legs propped up, or just lie there in the morning under the covers when I’m just sort of awake – between 3 and 4 AM – and daydream.

Support Equals Release. My PT asked what I’ve been doing because the range of motion of my hips and knees has increased and he knows none of the exercises he gave me have been working on that.  Yay for bolsters!

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