Monday, March 2, 2009

And the Acupuncturist, too.

I must look like an exercise junky. The acupuncturist who is treating me for bursitis has had me using the inner and outer thigh machine at my gym 3 times a week.  He started me at 30 lbs and told me to work up to 80 lbs.  I'm at 55 lbs now after 2 weeks.   Today, he also wants me to use a machine where I'm supposed to lie on my belly and push weights up with my feet.  I expect when I describe this to the person at the desk in front of the machines s/he will know what to look for.  And, I'm supposed to do lunges on both legs while holding 10 lb weights in each hand.  

My life is getting to be exercise overload.  Bike around town. Swim. Do a 15- 20 minute exercise video in the morning (things I do voluntarily). Add one hour of physical therapy exercises. Add yoga classes and Pilates classes 4 times a week (plus the extra bike ride to get to the gym and back). And now as long as I'm at the gym, do the exercises from the acupunturist.  

When am I supposed to have the life I'm doing all these exercises for?

I'm giving this one more month, and whether or not I've got the strength back in my legs, I'm cutting back on this.  Exercise is eating into my writing time.

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