Monday, March 30, 2009

I asked for a bike, and they gave me a wife

My husband is going to be interviewing for a job in California. Since our older daughter, her twins, my mother, father, brother and sister all live in CA, I'm coming with him. We'll arrive several days early to visit family.  He asked what I'd like to do while he spends the day interviewing. I told him I'd like to ride a bike around town and explore.  
None of the bike shops in town rent bicycles. A male professor was willing to loan me his bike, but thanks to arthritis, I can't get my leg up and over a man-style bicycle. Next thing I knew, I received an email from the folks who schedule the chancellor's wife. First, they assured me that the hotel they are putting us in has a swimming pool and a small gym. Then they told me the chancellor's wife would like to show me some of the local parks.  That's very sweet of her. I love parks. I'd prefer biking around them to walking. And this kind of meeting seems worse than a blind date for teenagers. It's easy for me to shock or offend people. I don't want that to influence my husband's career.
Then again, at his last job change, he had me meet his potential department chair. The man was a renouned womanizer. I'm glad I know how to turn that sort of person off quickly. And he still wanted my husband to be in his department.

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