Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Visit with the PT

I had four more physical therapy appointments scheduled.  When I went in for my appointment on Tuesday, my PT surprised me by telling me that my prescription for appointments had expired and he needed to do an evaluation. During the evaluation, he asked when I was going to see the rehab doc again. I asked why I'd want to see him. I was going to him to get the prescriptions for physical therapy, which I needed because the microcurrent he prescribed weakened my legs. My PT said the doc would want to do an evaluation.  I figure the doc can look at the eval the PT did. The PT spent far more time doing the eval than any appointment ever lasts with the rehab doc. And besides -- the rehab doc's idea of an examination is my idea of a torture chamber. I only put up with it because I wanted to get the strength in my legs back.  That rehab doc poked pins in my bare feet to see if it hurt. Duh! I never complained about my feet. It was all his idea. On another visit he pounded my shins with a mallet. I told him it hurt and he kept on pounding. He claimed he was testing my reflexes.  I never complained about my reflexes. He never told me what he found out from these so-called examinations.  My PT tried to make excuses for him, but even he concluded, "I can't ask you to go to a torture chamber."

Yay! I'm done. And this morning, for the first time since before I had microcurrent, I was able to climb my stairs two-at-a-time.  This is not a frivolous activity. I like to climb monuments and they are built with double-height stairs.  It bothered me that I, who have exercised daily for 60 years, was the only one who couldn't climb monuments on my last trip. Desk-jockies who bragged that they hadn't exercised in months if not years were able to climb them. But I had had microcurrent for my arthritis and I had to hoist myself up using a cane and upper body strength. It has taken almost 3 months of hard work to get my leg strength back. And keeping it is going to be more work.  The only good thing I can say about having to use upper body strength to climb -- I did strengthen my arms.  Okay two good things. I fell asleep without supper every night of  my two-week trip, and I lost 5 lbs.  Since I gained 15 during the year I hit menopause, I'm glad to have lost 5.     

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