Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Getting Anything More Done

Yesterday I decided to take it easy. Aside from my early morning bike ride to mail a DVD to a friend in time for her grand daughter's birthday party, I limited my exercise to the 80 minute routine from my PT.  No trips to the gym. No yoga class. No weight lifting beyond what's in that 80 minute routine.  And guess what? I didn't get anything extra done with those 3 hours of free time. I got into a strange email discussion of  which appliances use electricity when they are off.  
If you care, the best answer I found is here:
But it's not going to change my life. I already have my TV, VCR and DVD player on a power strip that I turn off when they are not in use. Same for my computer, monitor, scanner and printer. The debate controversy was my blender.  And, tada -- I found two websites that both unequivocally state that blenders that don't have "instant on" and LCD features do not draw power when they are off. OFF is OFF. Here's a good website that debunks popular energy myths:
I think my time might have been better spent at a yoga class.

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