Monday, March 23, 2009

Pre-Emptive Bandages

I must be wearing a sign that says "Give this woman more exercise!"
I bragged to my chiropractor about all the exercise I'm doing, imagining an enthusiasatic response. My chiropractor runs marathons-- he's another exercise junkie. But NO! Not a word about what a great program I'm doing. Instead, he gave me a new hip stretch to do (in which I lie on my back, bend one knee over and twist to the side, opening up the hip) , and ordered me to wear flippers when I swim so my legs get more of a workout. I have a pair of flippers (Zoomers) that I take to the beach when I snorkel. The catch with them is that they fit tightly across the arch of my foot and I need bandages when I'm done. So, I got the great idea -- put the bandages on first! I can happily report that my feet are undamaged after my first experiment with prebandaged feet. I took the flippers off after 1/4 of a mile because my legs were getting tired. I did the rest of my laps in bare feet. Yikes! Is there no end to muscles that can be made to work harder? At yesterday's yoga class I discovered muscles in my shoulders that I need to stretch more. I used to wonder how athletes and body buffs spent all day in the gym. I could do that, but the reason I'm doing all this is so I can have the rest of my life -- okay -- that and the fact that my body is my favorite plaything.

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