Saturday, April 18, 2009

Didn't Win the Toastmasters Division

I got 3rd place at my Toastmasters Division competition. It's okay. The guy who got 1st place danced. He jumped. He made silly faces. His voice was confident. His performance skills outshown mine in every way possible.  Now I have more time to work on the screenplays I'm writing, and the books I'm promoting, and trying to get readers for this blog. And getting my magic show business off the ground. I'm glad I entered this competition.  After the previous level competition, I thought I was a competent communicator.  Now I know I have many skills to develop, which will make me a better magician, better story teller, and maybe even a better writer. I also know I have a message to communicate.  If I can learn to communicate content with an engaging delivery, that skill will be worth more to me than any plaque or certificate.

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