Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Letter from my Grand Daughter

I just received a letter -- a real physical hand-written letter -- from my 7-year-old grand daughter. She sent it from her school as a class project. She told me planted grass seeds in a cup and they sprouted. And she sent me a drawing of a hexagon.  When she was younger, her parents used to send me videos. But I guess my daughter became bored with her new video camera toy, and the videos stopped.  The only way to have contact was to fly 3000 miles to visit. That's not something I do every week.  Now she's seven. She's in school.  And she is learning to write.  Hurray! She wrote to me!
Of course I wrote her back -- immediately.
Her letter reminded me of a very rude thing I did at about her age.  A good friend of mine moved to Australia. She sent me a card, at my classroom.  I took the card out of the envelope. Threw away the envelope and took the card home.  It never occurred to me that I could write her back. My grand daughter's teacher is helping her learn a skill that will let her keep in touch with friends who move. 
When I tried to tell my daughter, how excited I am, she said she wished the teacher would teach her daughter to send email.  I love email. I love the instant gratification. But I also remember when I was 9 I wrote to my grandfather, and I loved the surprise of getting his letters in the mail -- the unpredictability factor was part of the fun.  After I joined the club at my local family restaurant (Big Boy's) I got a membership kit that included two secret decoder cards.  I sent him one of the cards  always remembered to put a special message in my letters in code.
Yes, I look forward to getting emails from my grand children. But letters have an emotional kick to them, that is worth teaching.

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