Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pilates and Kegels

I took another Pilates class today. Afterwards several other students and I asked the teacher more about the pelvic squeeze that is part of the core stablity in Pilates.  We all said that kegel squeezes do nothing for our sneeze and leak problems.  Maybe we're doing them wrong?? The teacher keeps saying it's a sucking inward motion and that the bun muscles are not involved.  But today she added that the pelvis is involved.  Try doing the kegel squeeze (that's contracting the muscles you use to stop your flow of urine and/or the vaginal muscles  -- it's all the same thing) while standing with your back against a wall. She said you have it right when you feel yourself grow taller and your head rises up.  Okay, something else to try.  There is no end to this exercise project!

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