Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Standing on One Foot With my Eyes Closed

I went to the morning Pilates class at my gym. The attendees were mostly women, mostly over age 60. And most of us are or have recently been in rehab. We started trying to top each other -- my Physical Therapist is weirder than yours kind of thing.  Mine has me standing on one foot with my eyes closed.  Hey, mine too!  Mine, too! This must be the latest fad.  It's tricky. I had to start out about an inch in front of the wall, fingers touching the wall. tap. tap. tap. I used my fingers to steady myself as I lost balance over and over.  Try it in bare feet on a bare floor (no rug). Try it again and again, like when you were learning to spin a hula hoop or skate, or ride a bike.
Then raise the ante -- like riding no-hands.  Try to stand on one foot, eyes closed, on a pillow. Try it with shoes on. Try it with shoes on, on a rug, on a pillow, on two pillows.  You want a room full of giggling women with rehab experience -- just ask them if they can stand on one foot with their eyes closed.  The PTs claim that if we can master this, it will improve our balance with our eyes open and both feet on the ground.
When Darth Vader said, "Don't underestimate the force," maybe he was talking about gravity! 

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