Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trying to Figure out Twitter

I've spent the day trying to figure out Twitter. I signed up for TweetLater.com so I can automatically follow back anybody who follows me. I set up a keyword search so I can follow anybody who writes tweets with my key words. And I posted a tweet -- a message with 140 or fewer characters.  Almost everybody who follows me wants to sell me something. A $150 yoga video. A pre-set-up business webpage guaranteed to make me money (they never say selling what.) A free sample of lipstick if I'll pay for shipping (which just happens to be more than the price of the lipstick I usually buy.)
So where's the social networking? I thought Twitter was supposed to be a quick way to find folks who have shared interests. And, yes, maybe sell them something if they are interested  -- like maybe one of my books, or an affiliate product I like, but that's incidental. That's not my first and maybe only communication with them -- buy some overpriced mysterious product. 
There must be some trick to this.  If I figure it out, I'll post it in my blog. 
Meanwhile, if I thought finding time to exercise was hard -- this is even harder. Some of these folks send out tweets every few hours. I don't care that they just ate a pretzel. Maybe I'm just anti-social, and anti-greed,  or is that the same thing?
Tomorrow I'm going to try to figure out Facebook.

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