Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yoga on the Rope Wall

My Iyengar Yoga class has a rope wall. Loops of rope hang from supports along the wall. Today the teacher showed me how to cross two of the loops, put my legs into them and do a supported version of Downward Dog.  It's wonderful! The ropes hold about half my weight. Downward Dog is hard work, but with the ropes, I stretched my low back while strengthening my arms and legs. My low back had been bothering me.  Now it feels relaxed. That pinchy spot is gone. Hurray!
I think my body likes low-tech solutions like this.  Ropes. Bolsters. Blocks. Straps. Blankets.
Now I'm in shape to plant seedlings in my garden. I wasn't looking forward to that squatting and digging earlier in the day.
I want to fasten some ropes to our living room wall. My husband is afraid it will look like we're into S&M.

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