Sunday, May 10, 2009

Learning to Pick Locks

Probably, nobody wants the stuff I leave in my locker at the gym while I swim. My bike bag, my semi-dirty clothes, my pay-as-you-go cell phone, and maybe a yoga mat, and a few dollars, and my ID. But if they did, I now know that my Master combination lock is easy to pop.  Anybody with a soda or beer can can do it in seconds.  I did it myself as part of the class I took yesterday from Deviant Ollam. (He said this is his name in the lockpicking community, and he likes to keep things simple, so he uses this name everywhere. His mother was there at the class, and she didn't disagree.) Here's his website: .  If you look at the slide show, you'll find the instructions.  It's also not hard to pick a TSA lock like you probably have for your luggage, but it takes longer than popping open the typical gym locker lock.
House locks are easy to pick, too.
Deviant assured is that no police officer he has ever met anywhere in the world has ever dealt with a case of a burglar who picked a house lock.  Burglars prefer to break down doors, or break windows, or force their way in when you open your door.  And there are films you can put over the glass in your door to make it more difficult to break.
We have a saying in Philadelphia "Crime is limited only by the creativity of the criminals."
After this class, I know that my locks aren't safe, but it really doesn't matter. I guess that's reassuring.

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