Friday, May 15, 2009

Trying to Try a New Sex Position

Despite all my stretching, all my exercise, all my yoga, my thighs and hips often hurt when they accept my husband's weight.  When I saw the information on the web about Coital Alignment Technique, I thought I'd found an answer. CAT puts the man's weight on the woman's trunk -- not her thighs and hips. It's got all the good features of regular sex. Tummy to tummy, hugs, full body contact.  Not only did this appeal to my sensibilities, it seemed great for my arthritic hips. It also provides more vulva contact - no slamming, just lots of warm cuddly rubbing ending in release, or as they say on the website, "rock and roll."  "Can we try this?" I asked my husband.  "Okay," he said.  I ordered my first sex video. When it arrived, I put it into the DVD player, with trepidation. Was this going to be pornography? Organs going into organs?  Whew! No! The video is about as G-rated as two naked bodies having intercourse can be.  The anatomical detail stuff is done as cartoons.  Everything about CAT looked great! Comfortable. Stimulating. Prolonged cuddling. The only drawback is that it is impossible to kiss during intercourse.  I figured this was a small price to pay for comfort in my hips. Verbally, my husband agreed.  But in actual practice, he's used to what he's used to. And he is a great kisser. I tried what it said in the video. Put my hands on his buttocks and pull him towards me.  He's stronger than my arms, and he doesn't take hints. He's used to what he's used to. He likes what he likes.  Just like me. Clearly there's more to trying a new sex position than asking for what I want, getting a video, and getting agreement. And nothing in the video or on the website explains the marital politics.

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