Saturday, May 30, 2009

You too can be a Weather Witch

When my friend Jean told me she is a weather witch, I did not believe her. But when we went traveling in England, and she went to see a play while my husband and I explored the city on foot, we got drenched.  Afterwards, Jean explained that she could only hold the rain off long enough for her to get under cover. She told us the story of the time her mother accidentally caused a drought by holding the  rain off too long during a vacation.

I figured it was worth seeing if I could control the weather, too. I asked Jean her technique.  Jean checks the weather forecast. She looks at the radar map. She sees which way the wind is blowing. She plans her day and mentally slows the wind, or redirects it if she can, to allow time for the activities she wants out in the sunshine. Whenever she checks into a hotel room, she turns on the television and searches for the weather station so she can see the radar map. It doesn't take her long. Her wedding gift to my younger daughter was to hold off the rain until 4 PM so she could enjoy sunshine for her outdoor ceremony.

After that, I decided to see what I could do. I prefer a more impromptu approach to the weather. If I see the sky going grey, I mentally send a message to the sky to hold off until I'm under cover. If it's raining and my dog wants a walk, I ask the sky to give me a break. At yoga class last Thursday evening, I had only planned to hold off the rain until 8:30 PM, but one of  the students asked me to hold it off until 11 PM. I told him I'd try. And I actually held it off past midnight.

It seems that all it takes to become a weather witch is the decision to try to control the weather. It does not always work.  I suspect if many people are all trying to control the weather, that there's a tug of war in the skies. There's no way the weather can be individualized to give rain to one home and sun the neighbor's. I received an email from a correspondent in Los Angeles, saying he'd gathered more than 30 people at his home to send a message to the sky at the same time --in order to end a draught. It worked.

There's no risk, other than looking silly. So, don't tell anybody if you don't want their skeptical stares, their teasing, and finally, their shame-faced requests that you adjust the weather for them. You too can be a weather witch.  All you have to do is try. Your choice -- with or without the radar maps. 

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