Sunday, June 14, 2009

Installing a new Cable Modem

For two weeks now, my internet connection has been on the fritz. A rep from the Comcast cable company came over and ran several tests. He assured me that the problem is not in my house. The company did some repairs on the lines outside and my internet connection came back, only to disappear again in a few days. They did another repair. It came back. But yesterday morning it was out again. I called the cable company. They couldn't find anything wrong other than my modem using an incorrect IP address. I do computer repairs and support for a living, so I keep spare modems around. I decided to try putting in a new modem on my home network. The new modem connected to Comcast, but all I could see was a website that asks "Are you a customer or a technician?" The Customer side of the screen had a picture of a caucasian woman and a little caucasian girl smiling at a monitor. The Technician side had a picture of a caucasian young man holding a laptop. I told the Comcast rep on the phone, "I'm offended. It looks like all your customers are women and girls, and your staff is all men." I asked him to pass the word along to his supervisors. He said, "They already know. These calls are recorded. You're not the first to complain."

"You could replace these photos with icons. Maybe a keyboard for the customer and a screwdriver for the technician."

"You'd be surprised how many people complain," the technician continued. I tried to picture him with a screwdriver handle for a head.
I gave him my new modem's serial number and hfc mac codes. And my internet service was up and running.

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