Thursday, July 30, 2009

Forgot My Sling This Morning

This morning I decided to do a modified version of Tamilee Webb's "I Want Those Abs." I kept my arms crossed over my chest, instead of all the positions she uses, like behind the head, and extended over the head. Hey, my abs still work. It's my collar bone that is healing. My dog, Petruccio, decided he had to have a walk. This is a 15 minute video. He has a dog door. He can go out if he really needs to. I insisted on finishing the video. Then I leashed him and went out the door. Without my sling. Oh, that arm is heavy. My husband brought the sling out for me, and took Petruccio's leash. For a moment, I felt normal. And now I'm back to being a wounded weakling. That is soooo not my self-image.

For those of you who have asked about the pinhead locks for bike wheels and seats, that I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, the website is I don't get a commission from them. This is an unsolicited endorsement. My husband and I bought these locks for our bike wheels after we looked out the window of a downtown building and saw a man starting to remove the front wheel from my husband's bike. My husband ran out and told the man, "That's my bike." The man replied, "I thought it was mine." This is Philly, where crime is limited only by the imagination of the criminals." Now, they have to take the whole bike to get the wheel.

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