Monday, July 13, 2009

Geezer-Chick is Home from the Hospital

I am happy to report that I talked to Geezer-Chick on the telephone yesterday. She is now home from the hospital, but unable to use her left arm. She complained to me that they have put her in a sling that doesn't even leave her fingers free.

She sounds good, much stronger than when I talked to her in the hospital a few days ago. She is able to climb stairs (a good thing considering the house she lives in) and walk as much as she wants, but she is not allowed to lift anything over a few ounces, even with her uninjured hand.

Knowing Geezer-Chick, she will be back online as soon as she can get a one-hand keyboard for her computer and learn to use it. In the meantime, though, her friends will continue to put guest posts on her blog.

Jean Lorrah

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