Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guest posts on Geezer-Chick

Lois, the Geezer-Chick, was riding her bicycle on Monday when she was hit by a car. She is in the hospital, badly injured but expecting a full recovery. As she has a broken collarbone, even after she returns home she will be limited to things she can do with one hand.

So, while Lois is incapacitated, some of her friends are going to write posts for Geezer-Chick.

We will try to emulate her energy and enthusiasm!

I'm Jean Lorrah, and my own blog is HouseOfKeon . Today I'll cross-post one part of my series of journal entries on the trip Lois, her husband, another friend, and I took to India and Nepal last winter. This post is appropriate because it includes video of Lois and the snake charmers she particularly wanted to see.

Watch for original posts from me and others of Lois's friends until we can all welcome Geezer-Chick back with her usual inventive and impudent posts.

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