Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quit Looking at the Sling

Slings are not contagious. You don't have to look at my bright blue sling and quickly look away. It won't bite you. It won't cause you to have an accident of your own.

Slings are not a threat to national security. The guard at a local government building which I have entered regularly for over 5 years insisted on patting down my arm inside the sling. I told her I'm badly bruised, and touching hurts. She didn't care. The metal D-rings on the sling triggered her metal detector and now that I'm suddenly wearing a sling, I must have had a personality transplant and become a terrorist too.

If you ask about my sling, this is not an invitation to tell me that your doctor told you to wear a sling, but you aren't wearing it. It is not an invitation to ask my age. It is not an invitation to ask if my grandchildren spent the night recently.

The pictures at the top of this blog were taken about 35 years apart. Yes I let my children and my grand children stand on my hands while I lie on the floor. That is normal for me. I've never been injured playing with my children or grand children. I hope to heal up soon from this broken collar bone so they can stand on my hands again.

But right now, I need to wear a sling to support the weight of my arm. One of my relatives sent me flowers and balloons. I like flowers and balloons. But one of the balloons said "Hurry to get well" and "Hope ur feeling better." I don't know how to hurry to get well and I do know how to spell. That balloon is now in the trash. I'd rather have thrown away the sling. I hate it because it makes my arm sweat. But the sling is helping me get well.

If you don't want to look at my sling, then look me in the face. Yes, I've got a black eye from the accident. That's not contagious either.

Remember when you were a kid and you signed the cast on a classmate's broken limb? And soon your classmate had the cast off and was playing again. That kind of healing still goes on when you get gray hair. The sling is just temporary. Quit looking at the sling.

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