Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Scar NOT a Scab

A smashed clavicle is a Jock Injury. The surgeon says direct impact won't break this bone. It takes the kind of angle impact that only a jock can exert. It's hard not to laugh when I'm being treated for a jock injury at a jock injury center, almost directly across the street from the stadium where most such injuries occur.

I asked when I can return to swimming. Not for months. But I can get in the hot tub when my surgical wound is healed. "That's a scar, NOT a scab," my surgeon stressed.

I have always been an exercise junkie -- not a jock. I don't push myself to extreme accomplishments. I exercise because it's fun. My 2nd physical therapist understood this, and gave me some respect, plus harder exercises. I've never been addressed as a jock before.

I wonder if it's as surreal for my surgeon as it is for me?

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