Monday, July 20, 2009

The Sling is Off Part-Time

Went to the surgeon today because it looked like the titanium plate was cutting me from the inside. The x-ray looks like there's still some meat between the plate and the skin. As the doc said, I don't have much meat over the collar bone, on either side. He's a cyclist. 3 members of his team have had this same operation. He did this same surgery on somebody else last week. We talked about it. Maybe shoulder pads could protect the collar bone, but probably not. Collar bones break from end-on impact -- not direct impact. I've been being hit by cars while I ride my bike since I was 9. This is the first time I've wound up with worse than a broken knee.

Bottom line, the stitches weren't supposed to come out until next week. They're out now. I'm allowed to type without my sling. I can sleep without it, too. Yay! But I can't ride my bike until the bone is completely healed. He did give me some exercises and approved some of the ones I want to do, that I wasn't sure were safe.

And meanwhile, my bike has now been officially admitted as stolen from the police department. The officer I spoke with says that non-city employees who are hired to clean the station probably stole it. She's going to get me a document explaining that my bike was there because of the accident. This should mean that the insurance company for the driver has to buy me a new bike.

The oddest thing of the whole day -- the surgeon didn't seem familiar with the new bone glues. He said he didn't use bone glue because they're not strong enough. I've been reading about bone glues for more than a decade. Here's one article:

A report that used to be on the Mayo Clinic website said that bone glue could make a wrist ready to go in 24 hours. Have to go visit with a lawyer in about an hour. I'm totally tired of the phone calls from the driver's insurance about why they won't pay my medical bills, and all the other calls from other companies that imagine being in accident means I want to hire them to clean my house or assist me in other ways. I just want my life back!

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  1. Sounds like you're making great progress. But obviously it'll take time.

    And yes, I've heard about even newer bone-glue inventions. Now they have a new glue they use for hip-replacements. The old cement type glue would give out in about I think it was 10 years. Now even if you're in your 30's when you need a hip replacement, it'll last into your very old age.

    So I'd expect any osteopath would be following these glue developments closely.

    How odd he's not.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg