Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unicorns are Disappearing

When I visited my Virginia grandchildren last week, I asked, "Do you have any unicorns in your house?"
"Noooooo!" they both answered.
"Do you know what a unicorn looks like?"
"Then how do you know you don't have any?"
I had them.
I consider one of my functions as a grandparent to encourage my grandchildren to cultivate a sense of wonder.
I got out my unicorn catcher. (go to YouTube, and look at the videos on "ring and chain" if you want to see one)
King Arthur and his knights used to ride unicorns into battle. Too many unicorns got killed that way, so Merlin, the wizard, made them all invisible. There are still unicorns among us. And if you are lucky, you can catch one with the bridle and bit of a unicorn catcher. But you have to let them go, quickly. They like their freedom.
I asked my daughter if she had any books with pictures of unicorns. She didn't. And she didn't want to go online to get one to show her children.
My grandchildren liked catching unicorns.
When I got home, I emailed them a picture of a unicorn.
I took my unicorn catcher to a neighborhood block party yesterday. One of the dads told me that he had tried to discuss unicorns with some students at the local art school. None of these college-aged children knew what he was talking about.
Are unicorns going the way of home-made bread?
If you know something fun, teach someone.
I'm going to hunt up a mystical creatures book and send copies to my grandchildren.

And then the topic changed to planets. My grand daughter was sure that Saturn was the ONLY planet with rings. Again, I asked to go online. I was sure Neptune has rings. When I got home, I found the link and sent it to them. Neptune does indeed have rings.

Please don't tell me that the Internet as a research tool is going the way of the unicorn.

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