Friday, August 14, 2009

Is this what it's like to be Normal?

I don't get it. I really don't. I'm not keeping up with what I expect of myself. All my life, other people were slow. Other people were late. Other people had excuses. But not me. I thought they had other priorities. Read -- didn't care about me and my projects. I thought they were goof-offs.

But now, I'm one of them. I'm trying to finish a 90 page screenplay by the end of this month. I spent 2 days writing the first 10 pages, but it turned out to be 18. The first 10 pages are really important. If you can't hook a reader by page 10, they're not going to read pages 11 through 90. Now, I've spent 2 days cutting those 18 pages. I'm down to 14 pages.

I need to keep writing. I have my plot outline. Starting tomorrow, I'm just going to finish the entire story. Then I can go back and cut. And make sure every line means something in terms of both the plot and the character who is speaking.

But I'm behind schedule. I'm acting like other people. Is everybody else on this planet healing up from a crash? Dealing with dizzy spells? And otherwise coping with a body and mind that just aren't up to the work?

And if I figure out the answers to these impossible questions will that help me finish my screenplay? The topic is enlightenment.

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