Friday, August 21, 2009

My New Bike is Sitting in the Living Room

I should explain. My living room is my gym (in addition to the official gym with the swimming pool.) Along one wall are my hula hoops (yes I can spin more than one at a time) and my yoga lift headstand gadget, which doubles as my chair where I put on shoes before I go outside. And my big fat gray rubber band is tied to the banister of the stairs. On the opposite wall are my weights, my mini-trampoline, my exercise mats, my exercise balls, and my exercise circles. My husband's alien exercise stuff is here, too. Our bicycles get parked in the living room because if we left them outside they'd be stolen.

I'm not allowed to lift my bike up or down the stairs to my living room / gym because it weighs more than 5 lbs. For the same reason, I'm not allowed to do any exercises in which I support my own body weight on my hands or elbows or arms. But my bike was ready so my husband and I went to the shop where the owner fitted my bike to me (lowered the seat and adjusted the handlebars to an angle I like). And then my husband (not me) lifted the bike onto the bike rack of the bus and rode home with me, so he (not me) could lift the bike off the rack and take it up the stairs into our home.

Now I get to stare at it while I pull on the big fat gray rubber band. I'm finding these exercises boring and way too easy and they aren't doing anything for the problems I'm having with strength and flexibility. Yes, I'm doing them twice a day as prescribed. This is so dumb.

Exercises are prescribed. And when I asked for exercises for my left leg which got beat up in the accident, too, my new PT told me I need a doctor to write a prescription before she can give me exercises. I understand that it's possible to abuse drugs. But how am I going to abuse an exercise? I tried the official exercises on my right arm (my good arm.) They were just as hard (not very hard) with my good arm as they are with my injured arm. Maybe I'm abusing the exercises by doing them with my good arm. I really don't care.

My new PT did say, "You must have been in fantastic shape before the accident." It's nice of her to notice. She said most people who have the injuries and surgery I had aren't as strong or as flexible as I am at this point.

I suppose that's interesting, but I want my life back -- not platitudes.

I'll see her again Monday and she promised more exercises then. I hope the new ones are more useful.

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