Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Friend is a Big Fat Gray Rubber Band

Big Fat Gray Rubber Bands have their place. Mine is tied to my banister and I tug on it to strengthen my arm muscles.

My new rubber band and I will be spending about 20 minutes a day together.

I have a new PT because the old one isn't returning my phone calls. This probably has something to do with the fact that I ratted out his colleague (rotten rehab doc) for ethics violations. The man has loyalty issues and his loyalty clearly isn't to me.

My new PT has a sense of humor. I told her that when jock-doc said I could now lift 5 lbs, the first thing I asked about was my 5 lb dumbbells. That is apparently not the usual request. She wanted to know his answer. Of course he said yes. When I told her, she laughed.

When a neighbor asked how my arms are doing now that I'm not wearing the sling, I bragged about the dumbbells. She asked, "what do you do with 5 lb dumbbells?"

I'd have asked the same question about 20 years ago. I always wanted biceps and I didn't know how to get them.

Now, I do Tamilee Webb's "I Want That Body."

And Donna Richardson's "4-Day Rotation."

Both exercise videos have 15-minute segments using dumbbells, that I call "Arms with Attitude." They also have abs and buns sections.

My arms aren't the only parts with attitude.

I got a much better friend than that fat gray rubber band yesterday. A woman I haven't heard from in over 50 years emailed me. The last time I saw her we were friends in elementary school. She had a big sister who was very mysterious because she used sanitary napkins. I had a little sister whom neither of us liked. She remembered that I had a beautiful mother. I remembered that her father had a weird blood type and got called down for emergency donations. And we both remembered the time she got something stuck in her nose -- she remembers it as a mulberry and I remember it as a pea -- that she had to get sucked out with a machine at the hospital.

When my family moved away, I thought she was gone from my life. There's something very final about getting into a car and driving away, knowing you'll never come back. My father was done with his old job and his old home and we all had to move on with our lives.

But the world wide web has changed all that. Our friendship just had a gap in it.

That big fat gray rubber band will mend the gap in my life. I will get back on my bicycle. Nothing is permanent. Even endings.

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