Monday, August 3, 2009

Puzzle Boxes to the Rescue

After my grandson insisted on peeking in the secret boxes and ruining the surprise of the magic trick I'd created, and after his parents made me into the villain for asking him not to peek, I needed secret boxes that can't be peeked.
After some web surfing, I discovered: they exist. They're called puzzle boxes.
And sneaky grandma that I am, I got one style of puzzle box for my magic and a completely different style as gifts for my grandchildren. This way I get to introduce them to the idea of puzzle boxes. They get to have their own puzzle boxes (with a prism hidden in each one). And my magic will be safe. A child trying to get a quick sneaky peek into a box will know what s/he's up against when the box does not instantly open.
But, I could be wrong again. A quick peek on eBay shows that many sellers are getting rid of gently used and new-in-box puzzle boxes. At least nobody can undo the magic of prisms. They always make rainbows in sunshine.

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