Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rehab Again

I do hope old age isn't going to a series of rehabs. I just finished rehab for arthritis a few months ago. Then I got hit by a car while biking. Now I have to start rehab again to restore flexibility and strength to my left arm. The x-ray of my recovering collar bone was not reassuring. A strip of metal covers the break. The metal is held in place with 4 screws on each side. And oddly, my bra-strap shows up in the x-ray, too. I got one of those new bras with the guaranteed no-slip straps. FYI, those straps really do work. My mended collar bone is a different angle from the original and my old straps were not staying up.
I called three rehab centers, yesterday. Nobody returned calls. Not even the place where I went for arthritis. Or maybe especially not them, since I ratted out a bad doctor there. Finally, this morning, I got an appointment with a new rehab center near my house.
The rehab center needed my social security number. I asked if they are going to be paying me -- that's what the number is for -- income being taxed for my social security. No, they won't pay me. They are part of the new horrible trend of keeping track of people by social security number. And much as I find this reprehensible, a violation of my rights as a free citizen, and an aid to government snooping, I gave her the number because I want the rehab. I know -- that's how it starts -- people not refusing because they want whatever. I don't know how to undo it now.
I guess it would only really matter if I was trying to hide. So that's when I need to start refusing. If I don't give out the number when I'm hiding, then nobody can find me because that's where everybody looks. But if I keep needing rehab, I don't have a chance to hide anyway. I can't even hide that weird piece of metal inside my shoulder. There is no privacy left.

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