Friday, August 7, 2009

Yoga Wearing a Sling

I should probably start a sit-com. People who wouldn't talk to me because I look scary wearing a sling, suddenly think I'm fair game when I'm also carrying a yoga mat. "You're doing yoga with a broken arm?" "No, it's just a broken collar bone. My yoga teacher says he can modify the asanas so I can do them with my lower body." "Okay, you must really like yoga. You gonna be out of that thing in a few weeks?" "A broken collar bone is a kid's injury. Nobody knows how long it takes to heal if you're over 60." "Gee. You're over 60? Maybe I should do yoga."

Or there's the other conversation. "How did that happen?" "I got hit by a car while riding my bike." "Yeah, biking is dangerous." "Not really. I've been being hit by cars since I was 9. This is the first time I ever broke anything." "If I ever got hit, I'd sue the city for not providing safe bike lanes." "And if you won, they wouldn't pay you. The city is broke."

In the yoga class, the teacher is thrilled, or he puts on a good show, and tells the class, "No matter what is going on with you, you can always do yoga." Then, he starts the class with downward facing dog. That can't be modified. So he had me do prone warrior. Next, the class does hand stands. That can't be modified. I did legs up the wall. After that we did variations on standing warrior. He gave me a wooden trestle to support myself instead of raising my arms. That worked. It went on like that for 90 minutes. I didn't have that wonderful warm buzz afterwards, like I usually get at yoga class. But I was stretched somewhat. It was worth going.

At the bus stop another woman from a different yoga class had her mat with her. "What kind of yoga can you do with your arm in a sling?" "Iyengar. The poses can be modified."

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