Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sedona Method Day #13

I grow comfrey in my yard. It attracts bees, and I use it on scrapes and cuts to help skin heal. A friend mentioned that another name of comfrey is bone-knit. I went on line and – ta-da! - I learned that comfrey root poultice does indeed speed bone growth. But, I can’t use a shovel. When my husband gets home, I’ll ask him to dig up a comfrey plant so I can cook the root and make a poultice. Sometimes what you need really is in your own back yard.

On with the Resistance lesson. One technique Sedona Method uses to deal with Resistance is two-fold. Ask yourself: Am I willing to give up resisting not being / doing / having _____? And ask yourself: Am I willing to give up resisting being / doing / having ________?

Here is my original wish list:

My screenplay becomes hit movie in the movie theaters.
Actually lots of my screenplays become hit movies
My books are best sellers, and really good, too. (I know some books sell well, but aren’t enjoyable reads.)
My body is strong healthy, comfortable, and flexible.
I am paid at or higher than standard professional rates for my work.
I have strong loving relationships with family and friends and pets.
My husband and I take wonder-filled first class vacations all over the world, several times a year.
My husband and I spend a week on the space station, floating around at zero gravity, and take a space walk.
My storytelling skills continually improve.
My magic skills continually improve.
I develop my magical storytelling into a popular commercially successful event.
My science teaching videos become a popular series, and I get help from other innovative science teachers making them even more fun.
See the world sanely – so if somebody says or does something I don’t like, I act appropriately. If I can stop it, I do. I don’t waste my energy in fear and anger.

Am I willing to give up resisting not having a hit movie?
Am I willing to give up resisting having a hit movie?
What comes up is Lust. A feeling that maybe I’m not allowed to have a hit movie. Can I welcome that feeling of lusting for a hit movie? Can I let that feeling go?

This feels odd. Part of me is saying this is silly. I don’t know what I don’t know, so I don’t know why nobody has snapped up my amazing scripts yet. Another part is saying, remember when you were 9 and NO just meant wait a while or ask somebody else? Unless it meant - you’re getting a spanking and you’re being sent to your room and you’re getting yelled at, and no supper. But that just meant, find another way to do it. I’d forgotten about that life-view, and in many ways it makes more sense than my current supposedly more adaptive view.

The same applies to my wishlist about my books being best sellers, and my being paid professional wages, and my science videos becoming popular.

Does anybody out there in blog-reading land know a WGA Agent? I have a script that would be perfect for Hallmark Hall of Fame and Hallmark only reads screenplays submitted by WGA Agents.

Now about my body being strong, healthy, comfortable and flexible.
Am I willing to give up resisting my body not being strong, healthy, comfortable and flexible?
Am I willing to give up resisting my body being strong, healthy, comfortable and flexible?

I “get” the first part. That’s my patience issue.
The 2nd part is intriguing. Is there some part of me that likes being waited on? That likes knowing that laundry and shopping get done even when I can’t do them? And if so, do I have to be incapacitated to ask for this kind of help?

In addition, I’ve been wanting to get out of the computer repair business. This forced vacation is giving me time to work on other things with an intensity that is impossible after a hard day’s work. Reading and writing are what I really enjoy. Along with the occasional performance. I may create a whole new career that I’ll like better.

One good thing has already come of this accident. My nose got broken. How is this good? My nose got broken about 20 years ago and I never got it fixed. This time, the folks in the ER fixed it. It’s amazing how much easier it is to use my neti pot now that my nose is straight.

A neti pot is an Indian invention for pouring salt water through your nose. It washes away pollen, so there’s nothing to be allergic to. And it washes out bacteria and viruses so I almost never get colds or flu. If you want more information, here’s a link:

and here’s a link where you can buy one made of stainless steel and give a commission to my friends at

Those vacations depend on several variables. 1) that we can afford them and 2) that my husband and I can take time away from our work. (See new career above.)

Am I willing to give up resisting a new career?
Am I willing to give up not resisting a new career?
This isn’t going to be solved in one day, but this is fascinating. Can my new career provide the extra money? (Also see professional wages above.) Are the magic skills and story telling part of this? Along with the reading and writing?

And finally, is all this sane?

Here's a link to the Sedona Method book:

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