Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sedona Method Day #14

Serenity is the goal in Chapter 5 in Sedona Method. Yes, the Serenity prayer. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

SM says this is dilemma becomes surprisingly easy if you release on wanting to change things.
SM claims that if you release on wanting to change things, you’ll be okay with accepting things you cannot change, full of ideas about how to change the things you can, and you will have no doubts about the difference.

Today’s assignment is to make a list of things I want to change. SM says the founder, Lester Levinson discovered that he wanted to change almost everything in the past, the present and the future. And he felt much better after he did this exercise. He no longer wanted to change everything. And he had much more energy since he was no longer trying to do impossible things.

Here’s a brief list of things I want to change:
I want to change from somebody in rehab to somebody with a strong, healthy and flexible body. Now! Without waiting! Yes, I want to change the past and undo that car hitting me.
I want to change my kids into people who like me.
I want to change my luck in Hollywood so I’ll find the people who can make my screenplays turned into movies.
I want to change the efficiency and strength with which I work, so I can get more done.
I want to change my childhood into a happy childhood.
I want to change my dog’s mind, so he likes me, and he’s house trained.
I want to change gravity so it stops pulling me down.
I want to change the people who call me on the phone from annoying salespeople into nice people who want to buy my writing, or hire me as a storytelling magician.
I want to change the people I like into people I still like, but who now are influential in ways that can help me.
I want to change my memory so I don’t need to consult notes all the time. I don’t like it that I need to bring a list to the grocery store, and then I still forget stuff.

Okay. I can see that most of these are things I cannot change. And spending any time ruminating about how my life would be different if it was different isn’t going to get me anywhere. This is yet another exercise in sanity.

Meanwhile, my PT gave me a blue rubber band to make the ouchercises harder. And he have me 3 more exercises. I timed it. It now takes 25 minutes to do the basic set of arm ouchercises. I’m supposed to do the arm ouchercises 4 times a day. Then there are the leg exercises. An the abs exercises. I love exercise. I want to change my arms so I can do exercises instead of ouchercises. That’s why I’m doing the ouchercises.

Had to stop typing and laugh. Sanity is just plain humorous. When I can remember to do it.

The next assignment is to list things that are going well – things I don’t want to change.

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  1. I knew a man who never wanted children. Seriously. I mean deadly seriously. So of course his wife gets pregnant with him, possibly by accident. He wants her to get an abortion, she doesn't. He wants her to give the baby up, she won't. So he stays with her and makes her miserable. He keeps saying to her, "Put it back the way it was."