Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sedona Method Day #24

Today I tried putting on two-pound ankle weights before doing my leg-exercises. That's 30 lifts to the front back and side. I don't know why my PT didn't assign adduction or front lifts with foot rotated. I should probably add them in myself. When I get stronger.

Sedona Method keeps saying that pain is in the past and the imagined future. You can always cope with the present.

I'm guessing that Dwoskin has never done 30 leg lifts with a 2 lb weight on his ankle. But he does have a point. While the physical pain is undeniable, I have the choice to stop at any time. I'm doing this exercise by choice. I choose when and where. It's up to me if I want to do all 30, or quit earlier. I could even quit in the middle of a lift, if I want to.

I'm doing these exercises because I want my life back, and the life I've chosen requires strong legs, to ride my bike, to swim, to climb monuments.

In a way putting on those 2 lb weights is a way to remind myself that I'm in charge. I don't have to do any more leg lifts than I want to. I don't have to strap on the weights.

I don't get to make the big picture choices -- like will I get hit by a car today. But I do get to make the choices about what I will do in the smaller picture. I make these choices moment by moment, because life is always changing. That is the real point of Sedona Method. Taking charge of the choices I can make.

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