Monday, September 28, 2009

Sedona Method Day #25

Today was Yom Kippur, the day of at-one-ment. As Sedona Method says, we desire to be separate and we desire to be at-one. Our desire to be separate is the root of all discord. We say angry things when we want to get away from another person. And our desire to be at-one can also lead to acts that cause separation.

I sent my father an article about a fascinating but forgotten experiment with midwife toads:
My father is a biologist. I was trying to please him. My effort was a dud.
He already knew about this work and he's waiting for somebody to duplicate the work. But
in his opinion, it's not interesting enough for anybody to put in the time.

I need to give up trying to make the connection. If I'm ever going to connect with my father,
it's going to have to be an accident.

Worrying about connecting with others is just as bad for the relationship as speaking in anger.
Yes, I've done that too this year.

Yes! Wipe the slate clean. I renew my intent to live from compassion instead of short term

A day without food is a day with several more hours to contemplate and forgive and focus. The
true hunger is for peace.

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