Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sedona Method Day #26

I'm back from physical therapy. My shoulder specialist PT tells me I'm able to do things that many people with a similar injury can't do until a year after the accident. I glared at him.

"You probably wanted to do everything you could do before the accident within days of the surgery."

"I wanted to do everything I used to do within minutes of the accident."

I know most people couldn't do what I could do before the accident. I've lost as much as they have lost. It's like suddenly becoming normal physically. I've already noticed that I'm normal on an energy level, too. I guess this is a good basis for a lesson in compassion. I had over 60 years of being strong, flexible, and high energy. Most people have never had that.

But what we all have to deal with is now. Technically, all we ever have is now.

The chapter I'll study in the Sedona Method book tomorrow is Goal Setting. That's going to be fascinating. Goals are for things I want that I don't have now. The idea that I can have a goal and still recognize the now is good.

Einstein had a wonderful explanation time as an illusion. Photons are both particles and waves. Photons move at the speed of light. If you were looking at a clock and sitting on a photon, no matter how far you got from that clock, the time on the clock would never change. If you can postulate this, then you can sense that the only time is now.

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