Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sedona Method Day #26

My left leg feels weak and painful. I'm doing the PT exercises with the weights on my ankles. Technically, my legs are strong. They sure don't feel like it. Yesterday in yoga class, my teacher noticed that I was standing with my weight towards the outside of my left foot. As soon as I corrected that, I felt my balance improve. (I've been having trouble with standing on my left foot with my eyes closed.) And I felt the muscles that are weak. My yoga teacher showed me exercises to work on those muscles. Good thing there are a finite number of parts in the human body or I'd never see the end of this rehabilitation process.

Last night I received a phone call from the woman who called my husband after the car hit me. I knew I must had said something about where to find my husband, but I had imagined that I was barely conscious, using all my energy to talk. This woman told me that I kept getting up and trying to walk away. I had a yoga class to go to. The people at the accident scene had to hang onto me and try to explain to me that I'd lost too much blood to go.

At least my mind has no trouble focusing on what it wants. And that's useful for the Sedona Method Goals process.

Most of the goals I've seen are phrased in the future. I will finish this project. I will get well.
Some are phrased with negatives. I will stop my bad habits. I will stop seeing garbage on my sidewalk. I will stop having problems with _________.

SM says these types of goals can't work because 1) the only time we can do anything is NOW and 2) the mind can't picture a negative. It is not possible to picture not fighting or not watching television.

The mind can only focus on a positive picture. So, if goals are to be effective they must be phrased in the present and focus on only one positive action.

Examples in the book include: I allow myself easily to have and enjoy the best job for me at this time in my (life / career).
I allow my relationship with ________ to be (easy, relaxed, comfortable, friendly, harmonious, loving)
I allow myself easily and effectively to communicate with _______ (spouse, children, co-workers, boss, friends).
I allow myself lovingly to support ______ in (his/her) growth and freedom.
I allow myself to enjoy eating foods that keep my body slender, healthy and fit.
I allow myself to release naturally and with ease throughout the day.

So, for today, my goals are:
I allow myself to do all my exercises efficiently and comfortably.
I allow myself to enthusiastically call the WGA agents I can find on the web and tell them enthusiastically about my screenplay.
I allow myself to bike comfortably amidst traffic, feeling safe.
I allow myself to edit my book of plays quickly and easily.
I allow myself to format my book of magnet activities quickly and easily.

You can get a copy of the Sedona Method Book here:

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