Friday, October 16, 2009

Aim Your Forehead to the Floor

I thought my yoga teacher was telling me how to angle my neck. "Aim your forehead to the floor." Then she demonstrated downward dog. She actually placed her forehead on the floor. I tried to copy her, thinking, "that's impossible!" Then she came by and told me to grab the edges of my mat with my hands. Suddenly, my forehead was much closer to the floor. Not on the floor, like the teacher's but within 6 inches. Such a tiny change in hand position and such a huge change in the height of my head off the floor.

It seems everything is like that. Little changes can make huge differences. Yesterday I heard a talk by Guy Finley in which he asked the question: Do you remember the first time you saw a lizard? How about the first time you tasted chocolate?

Then he asked: How many times can it be the first time you taste chocolate?

Don't go for the easy answer here. Now is always new. Now is always changing. When you tasted chocolate before, or saw a lizard before, it wasn't now. Things were different. Things are always changing. If you keep that in mind, you can approach each lizard, each chocolate bite as something new, open to surprises. That attitude increases your enjoyment.

And the corollary, which is just as important -- when you don't like something, you can remember that now is always changing. This thing you don't like will not last forever.

A month ago, I couldn't do downward dog at all. Now, I'm doing downward dog slightly better than before the accident. Now is indeed new.

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