Friday, October 23, 2009

Classmates is a Dud

I abandoned my high school year books many moves ago. I didn’t have many friends in high school, and after I left, I lost touch with the few people I had liked. But, I started wondering what had happened to some of those folks. And I joined Classmates.

I had hopes of reconnecting with Cheryl. We always had stuff to talk about back then. But we exchanged a few emails and couldn’t find topics of mutual interest.

Then I got an email from Marilyn, whom I remembered as a fellow writer. All she wanted was for me to find free art (not clip art, but new original art) to illustrate her work (no examples provided) because her agent told her that it would be easier to sell her work if it was illustrated.

I never ask artists to work for free or on spec. I did when I was much younger, but it was unfair. And I have since paid them for their work. I explained this to Marilyn. I also told her that her agent isn’t familiar with publishing. Most publishers have artists they like to work with, and would prefer that work arrive without illustrations. I haven’t heard from her since.

Another woman got hold of me basically to vent. She liked my picture. Do I look like somebody who has an ear on the front of her face? I don’t care. It’s just email. She wanted to get stuff off her chest, and now she has.

I think there are good reasons I’m no longer in touch with the folks I knew in high school. If we really had things in common, we’d have run into each other on the web through channels of mutual interest.

Then again, I was at outcast in high school. Maybe the popular kids are getting something out of it.

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