Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dizziness Update

I thought the dizzy spells were nearly over. The only time I had them was when I watched a ceiling fan. And to stop them, I only had to look away.

But with all the rehab physical therapy exercises and my regular exercises I was spending well over 4 hours a day exercising. I dropped my eye exercises.

I figured I could get by with a pair of over-the-counter 1.25 glasses. That's the weakest model. I pulled them out to read small print and put them back in the drawer.

Then on the plane back from York, I decided to read a book with small print. I wore the glasses nearly 7 hours. And the dizzy attacks came back in full force. I didn't connect them with the glasses at first, but after a day without using the glasses at all, the dizziness is gone again.

When I turned 40, I noticed that I was holding reading material further away from my face. I thought I might need to get longer arms. Then I discovered eye exercises. I like the Bates exercises and several others. If I keep up with them, I can read type as small as 6 point.

There are plenty of eye exercise websites. This page lists a good variety. http://www.xmarks.com/topic/eye_exercises

Now I have to rearrange my days again to fit in even more exercises. Already, I don't watch television shows. There isn't much more I can do to become more efficient.

Tonight we're having a neighborhood meeting about what we are going to say at the hearing to prevent the corner bar from serving alcohol on the sidewalk.

And I've been getting angry again. I know it's just temporary thoughts and emotions, but I'm letting them feel real and permanent. So I need to start doing more Sedona Method exercises.

Meanwhile, I finally received a letter from the hospital that mixed up my x-rays with somebody else's. The radiology department administrator is willing to show me how their x-ray system works and he says he will listen to my suggestions for improving it. I gave his scheduler several possible appointment times. She is supposed to get back with me today to confirm one of them or suggest alternatives.

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