Friday, October 2, 2009

Sedona Method Day #28

Yesterday was another unproductive day. Phone calls. Neighbors. Clients. Remind me of when I was learning to meditate and everything in the world conspired to distract me. Today's Sedona Method goal: I allow myself to get done what I can get done, and feel okay about that.

Today will be complicated. I've got a story telling session. A client. A chiropractor appt. All my exercises and ouchercises. Editing that book of plays. And if I can squeeze in the time, I'd love to go for a swim. That may have to wait for tomorrow, after my yoga class.

Yesterday I learned a groin relaxation move in tree pose. Rotate that lump on the inside of the knee over the top and towards the outside of the leg. This not only relaxes the groin, it allows the leg to move more to the side, instead of jutting forward.

You can do this exercise sitting. You'll need to have your knees naked. I hadn't noticed the lump just above the inner upper corner of the kneecap until the teacher pointed it out. You'll see it. Just put a finger on it to focus your mind and try to move it up and over to the outside of the knee. You can't really do this, but trying relaxes the groin and helps you move your leg to the outside.

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