Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sedona Method Day #29

I’m trying to figure out why I’m having trouble getting my work and projects finished.

I'm still very slow to do things. I usually bike to the gym in about 15 minutes. I gave myself 25 minutes and I was still about 5 minutes late. I'm slow at editing that plays book. It has a lot of weird word hyphenations that are time-consuming to fix.
I'm trying to edit a piece I wrote cupofcomfort. I know it's clunky but I'm having trouble focusing on what to cut and what to clean up.

My arm PT exercises take half an hour. My leg PT exercises take half an hour. I do them twice a day. In addition I walk my dog twice a day. That takes half an hour each time. I do an exercise video with my husband, the alien. That’s another half hour. I go to a yoga or pilates class. The classes run 90 minutes and I bike half an hour each way. This is already over 5 hours out of my day. I’m no longer doing the 90 minutes of arthritis exercises. I just don’t have time. And I’m paying for it. My hips are stiff. If I go for a swim, that’s another half hour, plus two half-hour commutes.

Then there are all the details I get bogged down in. My external hard drive died and I’m having a tough time downloading 181 gigabytes of data. These files are video files from a science project I’m working on. They’re huge. They take about 5 hours each to download from my external backup.

I meditate for an hour every morning.

And I’m still trying to get somebody to fix the x-ray ID problem. The President of the hosptical hasn't done anything so I wrote the Ombudsman, who just went back to the President. I talked to the surgeon. He blamed HIPAA. I wrote to HIPAA. They didn't do anything except send me a form letter. My daughter is connected to somebody who works at HIPAA on LinkedIn so I wrote a letter for her to send that person. This takes time that really should go elsewhere. I just don't want anybody else to have unnecessary surgery because of a x-ray mixup.

I went to a History of Jewish Humor talk today. I've got mixed feelings about having gone. The source of all the jokes was pain.

And Southwest Airlines won't let me fly if I don't update my contact info on their website and their website has been fighting with me for about an hour and their phone is busy.

And I'm corresponding with the local yoga school that closed right after I bought a $400 lesson package. Mastercard will try to get the money back for me.

I hate details. I'm doing something wrong that I'm letting these details gobble my time. Gotta figure out what the hangup is here and release on that.

Based on my reading of Sedona Method so far, I need to list my long term goals and my short term goals and then consider everything in terms of how it will affect my list.

Number one is getting my body back in shape.
Number two is getting my career (which career?) Going again.
Number three is having fun.

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