Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sedona Method Day #30

Looking at my goals list, I can see that I'm wasting time doing things that have nothing to do with my goals, like Twitter. I joined Twitter, hoping to find people who might be interested in buying my books, or chatting about my interests like teaching science or doing magic with children. Instead I've been sidetracked with political discussions that went nowhere and fending off flirters.

Also, I discovered that I paused in the Goals chapter too soon. There's more to releasing on a goal than just the hangups about the goal itself. The next step is to make an action list of things I think I need to do to accomplish my goals and release on them.

When I look at my list, I start to feel like a basket case.
I want my screenplay to be broadcast on the Hallmark channel, or a major movie theater.
To accomplish this:
I need an agent.
To get an agent, I need to do cold-calling.
I hate calling people to ask them to pay attention to me.
Also, from what I've read, Hollywood runs on friendships. Asking somebody to do something for me does not seem like a way to start a friendship.

Another way to accomplish this would be to find an interested producer. I bought the Hollywood Creative Directory. I've spent hours and run up my phone bill calling production companies, telling strangers my logline. Some ask to see the script. None get back with me.

Another way to get into Hollywood is supposed to be getting Recommend ratings from professional script critics or winning contests. I've gotten two recommend ratings and one contest win for this script. Other scripts have also gotten Recommend ratings and won contests. Zero connections.

So, I'm back to the cold-calling.
I know it's an agent's job to find great scripts. And I have a great script. But when I call, the people who answer the phone act like I'm a pest, a beggar, someone asking for a handout, an undeserving leech.

I need to treat them with compassion. I haven't done anything to deserve this kind of treatment. They may be having a bad day. Just because they are gatekeepers, is no reason to treat them like on/off switches.

The thing is that I have lousy social skills. I think this is the first thing I need to release on. This is the first thing I've written that truly raises my emotional hackles. I was a picked-on kid in school and I'm still wary of being hit, having my lunch or homework taken, and being insulted at random. Yikes! I'm not in elementary school any more. My NOW experience is that I'm dealing with adults who have more important things to do that beat up on the short new kid.

As a kid, I didn't have much to offer. I was terrible at team sports, so nobody wanted me on their team. I was smart, so I was competition for the brainiacs, who liked their secure posts. None of that applies now. Nobody cares how far I can throw a ball, and brains are the lifeblood of the entertainment industry. Yes, there is still competition. But the folks who answer the phone are not my competitors.

I may be onto something.

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  1. sounds like you are in the same boat of many of my clients who KNOW they have something that will be a huge success, it's just not there yet. Hold on, it will happen and it will be a lot easier then having to do cold calling. Focus right now on making the friends, then later you may ask for what you want.