Monday, October 5, 2009

Sedona Method Day #31

Yesterday I found out that I'm going to York, UK either next week or the week after. My first thoughts were about missing physical therapy and yoga classes and getting further behind on my editing jobs. All negative stuff.

But from my work with Sedona Method, I figured out that's nonsense. So I go a week without getting new exercises -- I can do another week with the ones I have. These exercises aren't magic. They take time to work and what is one week in a lifetime? So, my editing gets delayed -- it's not like a week matters there either. And according to the York websites, they've got great architecture, archeology, and a ghost tour. They even have yoga centers.

I don't like British cooking -- but York has Portuguese, Thai, Indian, Chinese and other ethnic restaurants.

It's true that sending a custom-made DVD would be a better value for the folks in York. They are the ones who will pay for this trip. They don't want the DVD.

I don't like flying. They are willing to pay for business class seats so I can recline. I've never flown reclining before. That might not be so uncomfortable.

Training my brain is working. Yay!

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