Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sedona Method Day #32

Today's section in Sedona Method is Advantages and Disadvantages. It's basically the same procedure as likes and dislikes. Write down a question or a choice you are facing and then lists the advantages and disadvantages, and the wants that each one brings up (approval, control, survival).

A question I'm facing is my choice of career. I've pretty much killed my computer repair business by sending my clients elsewhere while I've been unable to do the work. I've been wanting to get out of the computer repair business anyway, and been reluctant to kill it off myself. If I have to get new clients all over again, I may as well pick something I'd enjoy more. Should I go all out for Hollywood connections to sell my screenplays? Should I go all out to get into the magic show / party business? Should I try to do both?

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hollywood business:
I love to write. (wanting approval)
I'd love to see my stories on film (wanting approval)
I'm afraid of how producers might produce my stories (wanting control)
I'm afraid nobody will want to produce my stories (wanting approval, wanting survival)
I'm afraid my stories might not be good enough for people to want them (wanting approval)

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Magic / Party business:
I love doing magic with children (wanting approval)
I love having an audience for my storytelling (wanting approval)
I don't know how to handle kids when they misbehave and their parents won't help (wanting control)
I hate selling (wanting approval)
I don't like finding new addresses (wanting control)
I don't like traveling with a bunch of stuff (wanting control)
People might not want to hire me (wanting survival)

Looking at these, the Hollywood career is much more within my comfort zone. But the odds are lower. There are far more people who hire entertainment for parties than people who buy screenplay scripts. I have more control over my own show if I present it.

Based on this, I'm going to try the Hollywood route first. I need to do a lot more work before I pick up the phone. I don't want to sound scared when talking to strangers (wanting approval, wanting survival).

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