Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sedona Method Day #33

I did it again. I stopped reading too soon. I wasn't supposed to make lists of advantages and disadvantages. I was supposed to write them down one at a time and release fully on each one before beginning another one. I'll have to do yesterday's work over. No harm in that, but why bore readers with it?

Just in case you don't have an issue at the moment (who doesn't) the book has a list of suggested topic that include: calmness, stress, joy, sorrow, fear, freedom, illness, health, giving, receiving.

I admit these are issues for me. In my morning yoga class, we did asanas on both sides. One side of my body is healthy and strong. The other side, which got bounced on the side of a car and then on the pavement is weak and difficult to balance. The teacher is almost as frustrated as I am with my weak side. Meanwhile, I get to alternate between calmness and stress, between joy and sorrow, between freedom and fear, between illness and health.

Yes, I know my mind is supposed to be still during yoga. But when I'm in pain and struggling to keep my balance, I'm also dealing with a noisy mind. But just saying that is enough to swing the balance towards calmness.

Since I like calmness, the assignment is to release on the advantages and disadvantages of calmness. The claim is that releasing on the advantages makes the good aspects even better.
Advantages of calmness -- I feel safe. The word safe inherently includes the opposite -- unsafe.
And that brings up a disadvantage of calmness -- I might be so calm that I would fail to notice danger. So, calmness, for me, is a security issue. And the assignment is to release on wanting security.

That is familiar territory. I just never expected something I like to bring up thoughts I don't like.

Giving brings up -- what if they don't like the gift?
Receiving brings up -- how can I show proper appreciation if I don't like the gift?
Joy brings up -- is this fair, considering that the world is far from perfect?
Sorrow brings up -- is this ingratitude for all that is going well?

You get the idea. This is a planet of illogic and opposites.

It's afternoon. I've spent the day doing other things than Sedona Method and this blog.

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