Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sedona Method Day #38

Just when I think I'm getting good at something, I get plomped into a situation where I must see it in another context.

This morning I got discharged from Physical Therapy. The PT said my left shoulder is up to 80% of normal function and that's good enough for him. It's not good enough for me, but I could see that nobody else in physical therapy that morning was anywhere near 80%. The other people need more of his time and attention. I can be trusted to do the exercises without a weekly visit.

Then I went to my yoga class where I'm now one of the weakest students, and need to modify most of the poses. Nothing like going from the head of the class to the bottom in one 5-mile bike ride, or to put that in context, in one half-hour.

Yoga is not about having an average body. I'm not satisfied with an average body, let alone 80% of an average body. Nevertheless, I was feeling proud of myself for getting discharged. I needed to put that pride into a context of progress, not achievement.

My mind is the same way. I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I see an argument coming and I don't fall in. I start to think I'm getting the hang of the Sedona Method.

But this morning, when I was biking in the dark (6:45 AM) to get to the PT appointment, my mind started grouching. Why is so much of my time being taken up with appointments and boring exercises, and now this ride in the dark -- just because some doofus hit me with a car? He makes a mistake and I have to clean it up. What kind of universe is this?

Then my training kicked in. There is no value in that kind of thinking. It's a lovely morning. The clouds are beautiful, there isn't much traffic, the air has a pleasant chill. Enjoy the present. If that doofus hadn't hit me I wouldn't be out enjoying this ride this morning.

I'm not going to go thank the doofus -- he is a neighbor -- but he hasn't bothered to walk over and check on me since the accident. But I don't need to blame him for things being out-of-kilter when in fact, I'm having fun.

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  1. Oh, you wanted to live in the FAIR universe! No, this is most definitely not that one!

  2. Actually, I want to live in the BENEFICIAL universe. The verdict is out on that one.