Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sedona Method Day #39

I have a correspondent whom I used to think of as Grouch Lady. She has neighbors who don't like her. She has health problems. She has competitors who steal her ideas. She has a boss who is "out to get her."

I used to play her game and suggest she be nice to the neighbors, suggest alternate treatments for her health issues, remind her that she has no shortage of new ideas, and that her boss really just wants her to get her work done.

Foo! That only brought on more of her grouching. In Sedona Method terms, I was trying to control her, and my efforts were complete duds.

There is no way Grouch Lady is going to stop grouching if she gets answers to her current problems. She can always get new problems to grouch about.

So I tried a new tactic. I tried congratulating her on anything positive in her emails. Ignore the grouches.

Her latest email tells me she is exercising to improve her strength so she can enjoy nature more. She's drawing up plans to rearrange her furniture so she won't feel so crowded. And she's looking for another job.

I like getting emails like that.

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