Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on the Bar Fight

Not much is happening on the efforts to prevent the corner bar from serving liquor to their noisy littering patrons on the sidewalk outside their bar. I called the city help line to find out how to protest the fact that they got a sidewalk cafe permit without posting a notice, so nobody in the neighborhood could attend.

The city help line said to call my city councilperson. I called the councilperson's office shortly after 8 AM. Nobody was there and no machine picked up. Finally about 10 AM, someone did pick up the phone and told me that the person I need to talk to was not available. I gave my name, phone number and email address. I also obtained the edress of the person I needed to contact. When nobody had called or emailed within 3 hours, I called again, sent an email.

I explained that at the Liquor Control Board hearing, the bar manager had stated that he had obtained a sidewalk cafe license and since he never posted a notice about a hearing, I want to void that zoning permit and if he still wants it, he should start over and go through the required posting procedure.

The woman emailed me back that he would have to post the sign in order to get the permit.

I emailed and called her to tell her that he did get the zoning permit without posting and I want do get the permit voided. She said she'd talk to the streets department.

I have no idea what the streets department has to do with zoning permits. I called the zoning office. They told me that a zoning decision cannot be appealed after 30 days. I told the man I have no idea when the zoning permit was issued because no notices were posted. He thought my case was hopeless, but said to call a woman who could look up the date the zoning permit was issued. I have now called her twice and left messages both times. She has yet to return my call.

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