Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Act as If Nothing Ever Happened

I visited Jock Doc again yesterday, and got another x-ray of my left shoulder. Even I could see that the comfrey oil has been working. The area of the bone where the crack was is now the most opaque bone area in the x-ray. The scar is a thin line for most of the length. It was obvious to me that the comfrey has been working on the skin and the bone.

"I told you I've been using comfrey," I said, hoping for an interested response from Jock Doc.

"The two pieces of bone fit so well together, it's hard to see much difference between your first x-ray and this one," he said.

Okay, he wasn't seeing what I was seeing, or he wasn't going to talk about it.

"The scar is the thinnest one I've ever seen." I tried to get an interested response again.

"Shoulder scars aren't the prettiest ones I do, but they fade and you'll barely be able to see it."

Okay. I don't need his enthusiasm about my healing.

"You can go back to doing everything you did before, act as if nothing ever happened."

That was what I really wanted to hear. I want to stand on my head, stand on my hands, push up into a backbend, and do other yoga things, like crow, that I was just starting to learn when I got hit by that car.

"It's okay if I fall over?" I asked. My shoulder therapist had been concerned about that.

"It's okay." Jock Doc was running late. I was his first appointment of the day and he was half an hour late getting to me.

"Call me in January to make an appointment for 6 months from now so we can get the hardware out."

That will truly be like this never happened. "You'll have to be careful for the first year until the holes fill in."

Fine. I'll use comfrey oil again. And I won't bother to tell him.

It's weird that doctors aren't curious and aren't observant.

What matters is that I'm getting my life back.

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